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 Scientific information for faster housing development

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PostSubject: Scientific information for faster housing development   Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:41 pm

It is necessary to develop new designs, newer building construction materials and techniques for low cost housing structures by ensuring optimum utilization of all resources through research and development.  It is equally important to disseminate the results of research so that these are actually applied for achieving housing at low cost by adopting innovations of different kinds.
Research centers in housing and building design development which have been set up require scientific and technical information on latest advances in this field not only from within the country, but also from advanced countries so as to evolve, adapt or adopt designs, materials and techniques for low cost housing as are appropriate to a given situation.
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like the Cost Ford has proved repeatedly that it is possible to build up to a height of three stories without the need for piling and subsequent use of concrete pillars and beams.  Using a particular design, it is now possible to build such structures using the locally available abundant materials like hard semi-rock bricks that are cut out from the hard soils, locally available burnt bricks and other materials.
Even though low cost building construction methodologies can be put to use, when developing an Apartment Kochi City’s unique topography and loose soil conditions must be properly analyzed and carefully documented.  Proper design methodologies appropriate for the particular location must be designed and incorporated.  Or else when using conventional designs major problems may arise in the future.
To keep down the cost of building an apartment, the only way out is to build on hard soils.  Nevertheless, the reality is that dry lands in Kochi are so costly and only the prominent realtors and the big businessmen can ever afford to invest in it.  Thus, most of the leading builders now develop buildings and flats on marshy lands.  Such lands are available at cheaper prices.  But the truth is that building construction on such places is likely to cost more.
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Scientific information for faster housing development
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