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 Rate the Song Above You

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PostSubject: Rate the Song Above You   Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:17 pm

This one is pretty self explanatory; give the song posted about you a 1-10 rating! It's helpful if you post a reason along with your rating, that way people don't freak out and it end up causing problems. Razz It's also a good idea to post a YouTube video of the song (it can be the video for that song, or a video of the lyrics while the son plays in the background. Smile

How to post videos? Look at the link to the video, and find the number that comes after the v= and copy it. Then, post the link like so (don't put the *'s in the [YOUTUBE] tags though.

[*YOUTUBE]hUKZut_YO3A[/YOUTUBE*] <--- Make sure NOT to put the *'s in the [YOUTUBE] tags though!

I'll start us off!


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Rate the Song Above You
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