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 Club Ink'd

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PostSubject: Club Ink'd   Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:00 pm

Welcome to Club Ink'd! Have a tattoo? Looking to get some opinions on a tattoo idea? Just interested to learn a bit about tattoos? Then look no further, because that's what Club Ink'd is all about! So post up, learn something, help somebody out, and most of all; have fun posting!

General Rules:

1. You must be talking about something ink related; this is not for random conversations.
2. The general rules of Airsoft Society apply to the contents of this club.
3. Flaming the club or it's members, trolling the thread, cluttering the thread, or causing a general annoyance within the thread will earn you a report.
5. This is a club, not a playhouse; keep it within limits.
6. No posting of inappropriate images or videos, links, or posts.
7. Maturity is a must in the club.
8. Try to participate as much as possible!
9. Re-read the rules to be certain you understand them before you go any further.
10.Any questions? Ask me in a private message (PM)!

How to Formally Apply:

1. Start your application by stating in the beginning of your post, that you would like to apply to join Club Ink'd.
2. Attach at least one picture of a tattoo that you have. The more pictures, the better.
3. Post a picture that you would like seen underneath your name on the official members list. The best choice would be your favorite or only tattoo.
4. Keep posting and participating as an active member would, and I will add you in no time!



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Club Ink'd
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